New song, probably one of the last songs I'm going to post, because people will probably call it generic, and crappy, like all my other songs that I throw emotion into. So enjoy Crit 4 Crit
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okay well its sounds like a metalcore song which theres nothing wrong with that if thats what you like, I'm not gonna be mean and insult your work. I liked that it was in a different meter then alot of songs I've seen on here, but I mus be honest why and oboe? i think oboes are evil but it was nice to see an odd instrument in the mix, I,m sure theres some story on the gunshots, the piano part sounded great, the solo fit really well in the peice and overall it was a good song.
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Very metalcore. And very reminiscent of early bullet for my valentine material.

I think perhaps the intro build up is dragged on for too long and feels a bit boring after a while. I think the gun shots were a bit dramatic but seeing as how that is probably what you are aiming for it fits well.

You seem to recycle the beginning riff alot, in fact it seems like the back bone of most of the song which is pretty cool but it means the song doesnt really feel like it's going anywhere.

The piano part fits perfectly and allow the song to breath and feel more comfortable. It certainly helps with originality in such a bloated genre.

The solo was very good. But bar 109 gets a bit carried away, how do you honestly expect to play that?

The ending was a bit of an anti climax because it just ends... I would have preferred a fade to allow the feeling of the song (which seems very angry to me) to dissipate and create the impression that the anger of the song is fading culminating in whatever back story the lyrics proposes.

Overall I'd give it 6/10 (Don't be offended I'm hard to impress. The best score I've given is an 8)

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