Hey guys Im sure some of you have heard of this before but there is a search engine out there that gives you prizes the more you use it its called swag bucks. Im dead serious this is not a scam Ive recieved many different prizes from the site including an autograph by Syn Gates of A7X.

Im not trying to spam or anything I thought i would just let the UG community know about it because they do have music related prizes. (Tuners Music Stands Guitars Bass guitars Gig Bags etc)

They also have different sites which you can win different prizes from ( Pantera, Maroon 5, NY Giants, Ozzy Osbourne, Incubus, Sum 41, Kiss and more)

Heres a link if you would like to sign up

A link to get to ur favorite bands page if thier listed there

I promise it is not a scam im just trying to spread the word to the community.
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EDIT: most of their prizes are ****. Im not using their ****ty search engine for a ****ty prize.
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Im not spamming this isnt a scam im sure if you would just look at it you would see i told this community about it for the music prizes
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This is actually wicked cool. I use the Pantera one and I've gotten 2 Pantera guitar picks, a Pantera keychain, and about $55 worth of giftcards.

EDIT: Why is this being reported?
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EDIT: most of their prizes are ****. Im not using their ****ty search engine for a ****ty prize.

the regular swag buck site is so cluttered with ****ty prizes go to another site like Korn
So how does it work?
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