Hail to the magnificent connoisseurs of guitar play. I'm simply at awe at your generous giving of knowledge and selfless criticism of other guitarists and players alike.

I'm 15, a self proclaimed visual artist, and without modesty a damn good one :P. However, my heart has recently stumbled onto a new passion, that of playing strings. Listening to majestic soundtracks on my half working headset have sparked a fiery interest that will take a long time to quench, perhaps my death.

I bought a guitar, a cheap 100 dollar acoustic. Hopefully I shall not be subject to your vituperation, being a lowly newb such as myself, and furthermore perhaps with your infinite wisdom and with time shall turn into a great appreciator of this art and a worthy practitioner.

I've had my guitar for nigh on a week now, and have learnt how to play the intro of Stairway to heaven through reading tabs and listening to the song. I hope to finish the song until the part where, what sounds like, an electric guitar starts.

I've ghosted about these forums for a few days and read snippets of various threads and with glee shall hopefully delve into their contents. Although not a fan of learning musical lore this early and seeing as I have my last year of high school ahead of me I probably wont know what an A#major9f-15fighterpilotG-5 is.

But, I do want to learn about technique and good guitar play, I'll read all the threads and hopefully my questions wont be useless and senseless. I also hope ye shall guide me to enlightenment, I hope to be a some-what quixotic player able to shine with the ranks of Jimi Hendrix and the such, but dont we all .

Hope to see you soon, and please post a few tips that you deem necessary for a lowly guitar player such as myself.
I'm humbled by your fast reply. I simply wanted replies from existing members rather than a barrage of other newbies burying me out of memory. Sincere apologies though, I hope I dont give an image of being like Narcissus, If I do more sincere apologies.
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Wow, you really shouldn't use that vocab if you don't know how to implement it coherently.

Anyways, this is one for the first post thread, go to the Musician Talk forum for your 'musical lore' and Guitar Techniques forum if you need help progressing.