Well ive been playing about 6-7 years and i actually just got into slapping.I wanted to know wat settings i could do for a good slap tone cuz i cant get one.My rig is a warwick double buck and a ampeg BA115
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Give a boost to the low and high end and cut the frequencies near 400.
scoop your mids. I usually use the bridge pick up on humbucker basses but the neck has a very warm feel.
Yeah like what they said, tone down your mids and boost your lows and your treble. you want to set your treble quite a bit higher than your bottem end, becuase your treble really bring out that slap tone that I suppose your looking for.
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with money- new amp, maybe a compressor.

otherwise- work on your own precision and your EQing. only you know what you want to sound like when you slap- tell us.
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