im torn between a les paul classic in heritage cherry sunburst and a cherry SG standard.

I cant decide! can someone help me choose?????
I like LP's better, but thats just me. SG's are sweet though. If I were you I would get the LP, but I'm not you. I hope that helps a little bit.
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Well the Classic is discontinued so if you like it alot and would want one if the future i'd recommend getting that since it may be harder to find down the road.
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I just don't wanna have to get an lp classic off ebay u know. is there anywhere that actually has them in a store? (doesn't have to be new, but in good condition).

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SGs are a little cheaper, lighter so they don't get tiring while playing standing up, sound less muddy, a look cool.
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SGs are a little cheaper, lighter so they don't get tiring while playing standing up, sound less muddy, a look cool.

Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad (less muddy ??). I prefer LPs myself, but that's just me, & that's mostly because the SG is a longer reach to the headstock, so it can be somewhat uncomfortable to play for some people, depending on your reach. Angus Young doesn't seem to have any issues with it though . Both are great sounding guitars in general. You should play a few of each before deciding, because they all vary in how good they feel to play, which is why I'd NEVER buy a guitar on ebay. I've bought several very expensive amps on ebay with no problems at all, but guitars are very subjective. When I look for a specific model, I'll play 20 of them to see which one feels best. Used guitars are "must try first" for me.
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I'd always choose a Les Paul over an SG for the simple reason that it doesn't tilt when you're standing up. I just can't forgive that about a guitar. It has great tone, decent looks, easy upper-fret axcess, solid workmanship and acceptable prices. But I firmly believe the Les Paul rules over it for the simple reason it's more comfortable on a strap, even though it's heavier. You'll soon get used to that, anyway. I'm not a small bloke.