Well, I've been playing about a year (End of November will be the exact time) and I've got about 6 songs down and I've practice as much as I can a day.
Anyways, I'm currently learning Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers and i would say it's kinda challenging but I'm nearing the end and I'll figure I'll have it down in under two weeks. Usually when I get close to being done with a song I try and figure my next one out, so, I was thinking Hendrix's Voodoo child.
Would that be a bit to hard of a song to attempt? I'm say I could give the song the song about 2hrs a day, would that be enough?

All help/opinions appreciated.
2 hours a day would be plenty - have you got a wah pedal for the beginning? You should be able to crack the first part quite easily.

You playing it on a Strat? Have fun with the Whammy bar!!

Great song, great fun to play - some of the melody parts played behind the vocals are quite "loose" so look out for timings. The solos are fairly intricate but go for it.