i have a mesa boogie stereo simul 295 power amp and it has 2 channels an A and a B. both channels have two 4ohm outputs and two 8ohm outputs. im only using channel B. now i have one cab with four 8ohm speakers and im not sure which of the outputs on channel B i have to plug my speaker cable into because im afraid of overloading the amp and blowing the tubes. any help is greatly apperciated.
It depends on the total actual impedance of your speaker cab. 4 8-ohm speakers can be wired any number of ways w/ varying impedances. If your speaker load is more than what the amp sees (for example, amp set to 4 ohms while using an 8 ohm cab),
in most cases this won't hurt the amp, but will simply make it less efficient. If you run a 4 ohm cab while the amp is set to 8 ohms, yes, you will eventually fry your amp head. Chances are, the cab is wired for 4 ohms or more, so using a 4 ohm output on the amp should be fine, but ideally, you need to find the exact impedance of your cab.

Edit: btw, if you mismatch impedances the wrong way, you won't hurt the tubes. You'll blow the output transformer, which is a much bigger deal.
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