your threads keep getting reported so i couldnt leave feedback >< but i like it the end of it you did some flamenco type playing that was sick. only thing i would change is less slow strumming in the begining, where you strum on every 4th beat. but thats not a biggy, i like it.
It's funny in it's own way, it's a broad sound with notes that feel out of place but can be done.
You have the same type of 'fault' that a friend of mine has though, you seem to want to play the same pattern so you play more notes that can fit in the bar. It's not necesarily bad but does throw you off, it's a good way to get attention though as long as it's done well.
I used to jam these kind of things together at night long ago, couldn't you have wrote it for a girl a bit closer to your home? It'd probably have been succesfull.
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