i got a fender mexican strat (lake placid blue with maple neck. i love that thing) and i was thinking about switching out the humbucker for a seymour duncan pearly gate bridge pick-up.i have a fender hot rod deluxe amp with the stock tubes. im wanting a little bit of a bluesy sound. i went on the website, and i like the pearly gate, lilttle 59, the phat cat, and the jb jr and obviously, i like pearly gate the best. would that be wierd putting it on a strat considering its supposed to be a remake of the 59 les paul standard? please give me some advice!
thanks in advance, bobby
p.s. i wanna keep the middle and neck pick ups for the fenderish sound.

p.s.s i hope this is the right place to post this hahaa. and sorry for sounding like a noob, im trying to explain in full detail so i dont get flamed.
nah...it should be fine.

I have a Duncan Custom Custom.

Prolly too gainy for Blues tho

Your OP is fine, no reason for flames that I can see.

JB may be a bit too bright.

Contact CorduroyEW at rockmonkeyguitars.com for a different approach.

Nice set up
thanks sir!!
it takes a while to save up for everything being only 17 with a minimum wage job in arizona.
and out of the 3 epiphones i have:
les paul special II (gonna get pick-ups and new tuners to make it at least decent)
vintage g-400
and g-1275
i like the strat the best
Yeah, I have a fender hss usa strat and I love it - awesome pickups!
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Quote by Macintoshmaster
Yeah, I have a fender hss usa strat and I love it - awesome pickups!

your so lucky!!
i heard the the mexican ones started using american componets or hardware.
is this true?
i have a american hss strat witht he diamondback humbucker .

and yes i believe the upgraded they put on the mexican stratocaster are better than they were before . i like this year model of mexican hss strat , they put a new satin finish on the neck and it look nice .

before (until 2008 ) almost all mexican strat had a finish that almost made it look like "orange" color . it look really "tinted"

the new tinted is more "Natural" color that tinted . very similar to the satin they put on the highway one . im pretty sure the new mexican has the finish of the highway one

-the new tinted ( satin urethane ) :


- the old gloss urethane finish


i never liked the color of the gloss urethane finish .

only one miss .. i would have kept the regular fender headstock logo instead of the new one .

the mexican strat are nice guitar . im getting one pretty soon .

in fact i was supposed to get a Mexican HSS at first ... but my uncle sold me his American HSS for 550 $ ( 50 $ over the mexican ) . thats was like a b-day gift .. a nice discount of the street price .. guitar was brand new .. played twice .

but im grabbing the Mexican arctic white HSS next month .as a back up/travel guitar .

bottom line : mim strat are really nice for the price . ill just switch the pickup to a higher output as a play punk rock / pop punk , metal .
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Yayy I have the satin finish
I'd say the Mexican strat is a really good guitar. I love it!