This is my 3rd mod and the first 2 worked and sounded awesome but something shortied out or something cause I put it together bumped it and ,no sgnal....well this time I did a ds-1 with the keeley mod...put it together had signal,bumped it,lost signal....checked my soldering then I got no wet signal when the pedal was engaged....but all dry signal from the amp when the pedal was on....so here I am like wtf!!! I can't afford to keep throwing out money so I put it back together and somehow now it works lol...even. Bumped it ,threw it around the floor and still works!!!

Only bad thing is its not exactly what I thought it would be...I don't know if its just me but although it adds more sustain and an overall tube sounding gain it seems like its "too" transparent....it became more like an overdrive and less like a distortion box....I don't know....it sounds good just not what I thought it would

Anyone else do this mod before?
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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
pedals sometimes have a ground wire that is connected to a metal plate on the underside of the pedal, maybe they need to be screwed in before they work properly
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You should still have a distortion sound. It shouldn't turn it into an overdrive. Something is still wrong. Can you post some pictures so we can take a look? You need to go over all your solder joints and make sure they are solid and don't bridge to another solder pad that they shouldn't.