Rumble, the legendary instrumental by Link Wray that is credited with inventing the power chord and thus making possible all modern forms of rock, doesn't appear to actually use power chords . I could be wrong of course but all the tabs ive looked at so far use open chords and its sounds more correct to use open, not so much for the D and A chords but definitely on the E chord. So does anyone know for sure?
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yeah. bull****.

a powerchord is simply a root fifth and octave, surely some composer would have came up with a chord way before rock and roll even began.
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In all honesty the idea of a "root note" with another note a perfect fifth above played together has been around for a loooong time, medieval times for sure and maybe even before then.
I can't say which guitarist chose to exploit this as a form of harmony in guitar.
Aside from that, I can't answer your question.
I didn't realize typing "invented" would result in such obvious comments pointing out how obvious power chords are, of course he didn't "Invent" it. That being said he generally gets pretty exclusive credit for "pioneering" or, "exploiting" it. I don't want to get into whether or not he technically "Invented" it. I just think it would be kinda ironic if the song everyone credits with popularizing power chords didn't actually contain any power chords , that and i just wanna know how to play it.
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