should be the first track.

It's a track I did awhile ago,it was the first song I ever did on a 6 stringed guitar (all my other songs had been done on 3 stringed guitars,tuned in odd ways) I'm only posting it now because I finally finished it. After leaving it sitting,I snarled out some vocals,and finally got a few chops to do a solo. It's no technical achievement or anything,just posting it for a few comments.

C4C of course.

Lyrics included,take a gander.
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Really, I think the whole tone of it needs an overhaul. I like some of the parts and together it makes a decent song, but I'm not a fan of the guitar tone or the way the vocals sound. The guitars sounded pretty tight in the rhythms tho, and the playing was good. Just not a fan of the sonic palette you went with, lol.

Thnx alot for the crit on mine. Mind if I ask which part you were referring to as the main riff?
I thought the riff that started at 34 was the main one. But I really digged the ones at 1:49,and of the course the very beginning.
What i liked the more was the solos, which sounded pretty cool ! It sounded to me like a young Malmsteen

That's a good begining but think you play the first riff for too long at the begining.


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