Hello to everyone on the forum. This is my first post even though I have been lurking for a while reading archived threads.

I originally tried to play ten years ago as a poor college student. I loved jazz and the blues and, after all, guys with guitars got chicks (at least back then). I think I lucked out living close to Kansas City because I was at one concert or another for the music I loved almost every week. One day I picked up an el cheapo acoustic from my local music store and give it an honest shot trying to learn out of a book and felt like I was getting nowhere (or had zero musical talent). Everything from that guitar sounded flat and out of tune no matter how I tuned it or switched strings. The guitar ended up going into the case and into a closet after four months of trying to play.

Fast forward ten years (now age 31 and living in So.Cal.) and now have a little extra dough in my pocket, a little extra time, and an even deeper love for jazz and the blues (American folk is now on the list as well). Something snapped in me and a couple weeks ago I went down to my local Guitar Center and walk out with the basic most model Fender Telecaster (Standard, I think?) with enough left over to get a Line-6 Spider IV 15 watt amp to practice on. I have to tell you, I am in love. I count down the minutes at work before I get to come home and play. I usually practice for about three hours a day and I am currently working on getting my blues scales to sound more bluesy.

I just want to thank everyone here ahead of time for tolerating all the newb questions I am going to be asking for a very long, long time.
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