Poll: How do you prefer to listen to music?
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View poll results: How do you prefer to listen to music?
17 22%
0 0%
Internet streaming
4 5%
10 13%
MP3 etc
36 46%
0 0%
1 1%
5 6%
5 6%
Voters: 78.
Through speakers loud enough to blast men's clothes off.
Goodness gracious me!
I prefer to listen to music underwater.
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I prefer to listen to music underwater.

Still, on his gramaphone
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what poll?

either in my head or through headphones
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CD, and that poll really does show that most of UG don't have ears, or are tone deaf

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I use Spotify, because there's just so much stuff there. I'll either hook that up to my hi-fi, or use headphones. If I have the CD, I'll use that. For classical music, I like to have a copy of the score with me when I listen to music, but of course it's not essential.
Obviously, I prefer to listen to music live, but its not always practical.
iPod, it's weird to me any other way.
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Compact Disc, but I'm getting used to MP3, since I can't take my CD collection with me to university.
When I'm on the computer, I like to use Grooveshark, but generally I prefer CD's.
The first time I listen to anything I prefer it on a CD.
Then later when I'm trying to learn a song or just want to hear it more I prefer MP3s.
Internet streaming when I don't have the song.