Poll: How do you listen to music usually?
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View poll results: How do you listen to music usually?
By itself - the focus is on the music.
79 45%
When I'm playing a video game.
12 7%
When I'm doing exersize.
5 3%
While I'm doing something creative (drawing, etc.)
19 11%
While jamming along to it.
17 10%
In class!
6 3%
Other? Do say.
36 21%
Voters: 174.
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Voted other.

While driving, and usually when studying.

Why can't I do this? WHY?!
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You're just another brick in the wall
I don't do anything else when listening to music. I enjoy the fact of listening to it.

I have tried putting on music while I was doing something. It's ok for, say, working out, but it distracts me from homework. So when mental work is required, I do it best without music.
you need a 'all of the above option'
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i like listening to music when walking places and on the bus, so travelling i guess
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Why can't I do this? WHY?!

I find i tune out and dont hear most the music anyway. But its nice to have in the background for when you want to tune out from studying for a few moments. I also recommend not listening to heavy music, it can cause epic frustration if u dont understand something in ur study. Same thing applys with driving actually and traffic. Metal makes me speed
I always listen to music, always.
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All of these and more - when I'm sleeping, eating, doing homework, rollerblading, whatever.
when im on the go (on the street) or when im jamming or when im using the computer. there always has to be music
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I put other because i prefer all of them equally, except in class which i'm not allowed to do
I listen to music nearly all the time, while I'm on the computer, playing on my xbox, travelling anywhere, even when i'm with my friends I'll have one earphone in to listen to my music quietly while talking to them. Oh yeah I listen to it in my sleep aswell.

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When i do other things, like homework, pit, walking, sitting in the bus, yeah, whatever
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it helps for me to focus on the music when i am traveling in a car

needless to say, roadtrips are my life
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My favorite is when I'm driving in my car, all by myself, and it's just me and the music cruisin' down the highway on an aimless adventure.
i listen to music for all these options

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Other: Reading, surfing the internet, traveling. I do everything on the poll, though.
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It depends on the music and situation.

I was walking through the woods earlier, then I turned up my headphones loudly, and played this ambient Drone Metal band called The Angelic Process, and then I just absorbed the scenery and music.

But often, I have it just for background, or to fit a certain mood.
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I like listening to my music like my women.
I can't think of an appropriate punchline, but you get the idea.

There was an obvious one but you'd probably land your ass in jail for it.

I like listening to music with 100% focus on what's going on. That way if it's like a hard rock song or whatever, or just a song with an epic breakdown, I'm taking it all in.
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Not driving, but in the car. Sounds really strange but I like to just look out the window blasting my ipod and think about things
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You should've made the poll multiple choice, as I listen to it playing sports, doing homework, playing along to it, focusing on it as an activity itself, and as just something in the background while at my computer or on xbox.
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I like listening to my music like my women.
I can't think of an appropriate punchline, but you get the idea.
So, either you don't like music, or you like listening to women.

Either option is abnormal by any standard.
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I love listening to Thrash metal when gaming.

But any of the options is cool. As long as I listen to music everyday.. I'm cool. It doesn't matter how.
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