^ But thanks for the post anyways. It looks like vintage sunburst for the strat and I'm guessing blonde for the tele.
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The amps came first:
The first Fender amps where made in Fullerton California in early 1946. The aliens hadn't yet landed at Roswell nor had the Transistor yet been invented. The amps where first manufactured under the name "K&F Manufacturing" and where designed for lap steel guitar players. The early amp designed where base on RCA amplifier circuits found in there tube application manual. The first Fender amp was made in 1947 and actually had a label stating "licensed under US Patents of American Telephone and Telegraph Company".

The tube amp circuit has been modified a number of times by Fender along with countless improvements over the original RCA circuit used back in the day. The first Fender amp was the Model 26 which had two 6V6 power tubes, 6SC7 preamp tube, the 6N7 driver tube, and a 5y# rectifier tube. This was all housed in an all wood cabinet with a natural finish. If made today this amp would probably cost in the neighborhood of $2500 to $3000. If you actually have one of these amps they are priceless. Jensen Speakers where used and three different speaker sizes where available in the Model 26 amp: 8", 10", and 12".

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I mean the very first Fender with the Fender label on the headstock.

Well Dave Gilmour has the Strat with serial number '001' and it's white, although it's not by any means the first built:

On release, I think the Strat was offered in 2-colour sunburst, like this:

And the first production Teles (Esquires) were butterscotch blond with a black pickguard, like Jeff beck's very famous one:

Hope this helps
The "no-caster", then "broadcaster", then "telecaster" was blonde. Pic above of the no-caster I believe.

Leo wanted the name "broadcaster" for it when Buddy Holly went on the Ed Sullivan show, but it was already under patent. Because it was to be broadcast live on television. So they went with "telecaster" because it was to be on television. /history class