Hi, can you please recommend me a few titles of bass video lessons, my friend is a bassist and he thinks he can learn easier with the help of video lessons.
depends on the style. Victor wooten has some excellent ones on youtube. Also check out the ginger guy with the blue jazz bass on expertvillage. I can't remember his name but he is pretty good. (unlike most of the bass lessons on expertvillage)
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Search on youtube. Lots of videos there. From the very basics to slapping etc.
Or buy a book with a DVD.
I have already searched the youtube, I need the whole video, not just parts of it. I need a more basic video - with information about correct posture and technique for both hands.
Then buy a beginners bass book with DVD. In the first chapters, they always explain what to do with your hands and fingers.
Dave marks youtube him. He is a pro
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It's not for me, I play guitar. I'm trying to motivate the bass player from my band to exercise more. If I just give him some written exercises, he does some wrong moves with his left hand so we agreed that he will get better by watching pros play and learning that.