Hey guys, I have my music solo's assesment tomorrow and I've decided to play suffocating under words of sorrow by BMFV. If anyone could please send me a link to where I could get a backing track for the song, with just the drums, bass and harmony guitar. I heard TG released a backing track in one of their issues but I must of missed it. Otherwise I'll have to spend all night recording my own backing track
So it would be great if you could help out, thanks.
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IMO I sounds more impressive with just the guitar only. With all the drums and stuff makes it sound like what it is; a screamo song.

All else fails, get guitar pro tab, mute guitar
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Lol, I just sounds more epic with the backing track (after solo with toms) and I get more marks if there's a backing track. (And I like screamo xD (even though it's metalcore :/ ))
And I don't own guitar pro LOL
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You should've thought of this before haha, theres a few internet sites out there with backing tracks google it up bro good luck
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Tried google, only found a backing track with bass and drums so I had to record the harmony part myself. Sounds just as good as the original :P
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