ive been experimenting with my grip on the pick. The looser i am with it, the faster i can alternate pick, but i cant hit the string as hard. Is it recommended i hold the pick looser? i feel more relaxed, though, sometimes the pick slips out a bit. I wonder if anyone else tried that and got used to it.
i hold it fairly tight, you get used to alt. picking pretty quick even when doing that. if i hold it loose it slips out too much and i drop it
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In my oppinion, hodling the pcik looser gives a better tone. Don't know with alternating, but my brother hold it quite loose and alternate fairly well.
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I only hold the pick tight enough to were it stays in my fingers. Any tighter is wasted energy.
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Tight enough to let it know who's boss

As long as it goes nowhere but where you want it, and your not holding it so hard it starts to make your finger/thumb ache then it should be ok.
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I usually keep a relaxed grip on it, unless I want to accent a note I grip it a TINY bit tighter.
just stay relaxed whilst playing
I tend to tense up if I hold to tightly. Loose, but tight enough. I dunno how to explain, but yea experiment until you find something that works for you, if it feels good to you, and you're sure your not doing anything that would be considered bad habits, then it's good.
haha i squeeze the hell outta my picks, i cracked my medium one a bit. but just hold it anyway you want as long as you're comfortable. if you can't keep a good grip on it then try a gripped pick.
I use 2mm picks so I dont need to hold them very tight, I find the thinner the pick is the more it will want to turn in my fingers.
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I use 1.5mm picks, even with thinner picks I have always held the pick lightly. I found that it feels more difficult for me to play fast if I am putting alot of tension on the pick with my fingers. I used to have to practice loosening my grip on it while playing fast lines but not too loose that it falls out when you hit the string.

It is largely based on personal preference. There is not a set tension at which a guitarist should or should not hold a pick. Just make sure you are not causing any pain or anything from squeezing the pick too hard