Hello,my name is Pete Swanson of Dagmar Custom Guitars. I recently made my debut at the Montreal Guitar Show just this past July. I have a new take on guitar construction and the attention my design has been getting is pretty crazy! A lot of unbelievable opportunities have presented themselves.

A video interview by Premier Guitar Magazine in Montreal

My Facebook page - become a fan and get the low down as it happens!

My official website that sometimes does not work with Internet Explorer 8

A great article revealing a new pickup technology that I will be helping to develop and debut on one of my guitars with Professor Hans Peter Loock of Queen's University.
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pretty nice looking guitars, how much do you think they'll be selling for? and where would I be able to buy one?
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I have a debut price of $10,000 with three spots left for custom orders. You can order them direct from me. I also am associated with two brokers - one in the States and one in Europe. Only 200 instruments are forcast to be built over the next 30 years. I am the originator of this design - the only luthier building guitars this way!
Thats pretty cool, but might I ask what the effect on tone the carbon fiber/laminated sides have?
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I'm very interested in this, and can see more benefits, especially in volume and resonance. But how do you attach the sides? Are the sides held on by glue only, or is there a binding? How is the tone, and how much of the tone can be attributed to the new shape. Is there a tonal similarity between these guitars that isn't caused by the wood, but is caused by the shape?

Realize that it looks awesome, but I really want to hear some tone
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The guitar's rim is concave on the inside and if I were to put the rim over your head and you spoke inside of it, you would find that your voice becomes amplified and crystal clear within your own ears - like an amphitheater effect!

The shape of the guitar allows the air pressure and any soundwaves within the body to become more focused. The result is a more responsive instrument. Also, the rim, with it's compound curves and the strength of the carbon fiber, takes up most of the string tension. There is hardly any tension on the sound plates and therefore hardly any breakin period. The guitars sound open and well balanced even as "virgins"!!

They sound very archtop like - loud and punchy and yet react very well to a soft touch. Lastly, there is more air volume driving smaller sound plates - like turbo charging the instrument!

The sound plates are glued into the guitars rim which has a rabbit cut into it. No kerfings. The soundplates glue to a solid shelf of wood - comparable to capped kerfings.

The "bindings" are deep inlays. I like using carbon fiber as one of the binding inlays. It looks cool and adds a little more strength to the structure.

Thanks for your interest!
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