That's an SX, you can get them at rondomusic.com and a few other places. They're super cheap, and kind of pretty good quality.
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Looks like the headstock says "SX" which is a rondomusic.com brand...

However, checking the teles they currently have for sale, the headstock doesn't look like that.

The headstock on that guitar looks like the headstock on SX strats.... so maybe older models used to look like that.

I just checked ebay, and i see a few SX tele's with that style headstock.... so that's my guess.

Edit: darn beaten to it... should have spent less time researching and more time posting.
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Hmm, the honey blonde Tele for $109 on rondo's doesn't look too bad. You said these are fairly good guitars?

I mean, a second guitar, especially a Tele would be nice to thrash around with

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i've only heard good things about agile guitars, and for $100 it's not TOO big of a risk, right? i say go for it, it's a pretty sweet looking guitar!
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I've only heard good things about Rondo
and it's $100, not TOO much of a loss.

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Dunno bout the guitars, but I have two SX basses, and I find that the Wood is suprisingly good quality, but you're still paying for a $150 guitar electronics. Upgrade he electronics and hardware, and you'll have yourself a frankenstine MIM Fender.