daydream believer- monkees

hey people what's up?!
i have a friend's birthday next week and i really want to play the below song


i tried to find the tabs that this guy in the clip playing in ultimate-guitar and 911tabs but all the tabs that i found was not in the acoustic version and not sound like this video..
so i'm asking a huge favor if someone can tabbed out the clip?! please i must it!!
i have a guitar pro!

my mail is: ktulu512@gmail.com or shlomi_14@yahoo.com
anyway thanks a lot and keep rocking!!!!!!!
looks to be variatons of open C, G, F, & Em perhaps. All the little extras your on your own for. Just play around a bit. Cool version though. Ill play around a bit tonight. If i come up with anything substantial ill let you know. Anyone with a bit more insight please add your thoughts
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