That intro is not neo-classical. Syncopation is a big no-no if you're going for a classical feel. It was still good though. The riff at 17 is awesome. The riff at 37 is great too. I love the harmonized slides. 53 dragged on a bit with nothing interesting going on. 113 is also a good riff. None of this is really thrash though. More like metalcore. The sweeps were bad to be honest. Too many out of key notes that didn't flow well. 139 is a cool revival of the intro theme. Outro was good too. Very nice job overall man. Needs a bass track though.

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The intro isn't actually supposed to be classical sounding. It's supposed to just be a cool unique intro track. I just thought it sounded a bit classical after I wrote it. Yeah I agree it's metalcore too I meant thrash as in fast pace and stuff not neccessarily the genre... my bad...

That solo was meant to be out of key... But if you think I should change it I will...

Thanks alot man... I'll make sure to crit yours
Thanks for the crit.

Not sure where Stewie got Neo-Classical from, but I loved the intro. Was a pretty standard progression, but the rhythm of bar 5 really made it shine. I do suggest you drop the last note of the 2nd bar an octave lower though (so 3rd fret of the E string) it'll just give you a stronger sense of movement.

Bar 7 is an annoyingly long pause. It kind of loses the feel of the intro. I'd either get rid of it or shorten it to 2/4, or write an entirely new transition.

Great chord choice for the section at bar 8. I feel if there should be another guitar playing some kind of sparse arpeggiated chord melody between the chords though. Bringing the distortion guitar in was great (although I hated your choice of guitar sounds) again the use of a full bar feels like a bad way to do a transition and it really breaks the feel.

17 Fantastic riff, great use of both guitars. Needs bass though. I wasn't really feeling the drums either. Could just be the style, but I think it could be a hell of a long stronger, and it could really push the second rhythm guitar.

37 another fantastic riff. Don't like that you kept sliding out on the exact same note each time. I'd alternate between octaves, or maybe root and 5th, or just something. Or have the one guitar do the same note each time while the other one changes. Didn't much care for bars 51-52. The rhythms of the two guitars were just too far off.

The section at 53 worked really well, and it's the first time so far I've really felt the drums working.

133 had a cool little riff.

Arpeggios are not a solo, especially when they're off key The first two bars were almost cool, they were out, but they weren't bad. The rest was just brutally ugly.

I like the intro making it's reappearance, and you did quite a good job of it. but the transition from the solo didn't work.

157 was great. Drums were good here too.

161 another pause, yech. You need to start writing transitions, and not just avoid them by leaving gaping holes in your music The part that follows is good though.

Lots of great riffs here, but sometimes it drags on a bit here and there, but I'd imagine vocals would take care of that. The guitars could also be a little quieter, bass could also be added.

I didn't like the drums for the most part. They were often hard to hear, and unless I mentioned otherwise I just didn't think they were giving your riffs the power they could have.
Thanks for the best crit by far man

That's actually a really cool idea thanks

Originally there was no pause at bar 7... I've changed it back to there being no pause now.

Yeah I tried alternating between different notes on one track but it was just way too difficult for me to play in real life.

The drums are supposed to sound different, also, I'm not a drummer and I'm not in a band so I really only write the drums as a basic idea to help me write better.

I'll change the solo :P

The pause at 161 is to give a false climax... On the first time round the listener will think it's ending only to get a shock when the other guitars drop in.