Right I have been deciding what to get as the bridge pup on my Ibanez RG2610E and I have decided to go active. Therefore I was looking into EMG pick ups, although most poeple recommend the EMG 81 in the bridge and the 85 in the neck. However the 85 in the bridge has better harmonics and higher output than the 81 I have been told, and bands such as Killswitch Engage use it in the bridge. So I was curious of your opinions, as which pup to buy. Thanks
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The guitar has a basswood body, would that at all effect the characteristics of the 85 or 81? Thanks for the reply.
traditionally the 81 goes in the bridge- and the 85 goes in the neck.

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the woods used on the guitars always have a influence.Basswood is said to be midrangey.

The 81 is allot tighter and brighter than the 85, the 85 has a looser feel to the bottom end an can get muddy if you dont Eq your amp correctly.

I myself prefer the 81 in the B pos. cuts through the mix better imo.
i dont think the wood is gonna matter in active pups. well, not enough to notice a difference. 85 is gonna have a thicker, beefier tone. thats why its the neck pup. neck pups are usually less treble-y. you could put it in the bridge if u want. depends on yur taste

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