Hey, can i buy i fernandes sustainer kit that wont replace both pickup slots and still allow the same possibilities? .. like.. a guitar with 2 humbuckers, or at least two hum-sized pickups... i don't mind loosing one slot to the sustainer, but i would like to have one of my own aswell ... and also, is it "at all" possible to exchange one of the sustainer pickups with another pickup? and just hook it up to the kit? .. or do the pickups have some special things inside?
the FS only replaces one anyway doesnt it?
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No, you can use one pick up as long as the Sustainer is in the neck position. Steve Vai runs an Evo with his sustainer.
ok cool, yea i did some research and you guys are right .. but yea, second question, do you guys think this could work well with the Seymour Duncan SHPR-1b P-RAIL? .. since they recommed using Active pickups?.. ( i know it isnt active.. hence the question)