Is it possible for me to hook up my guitar for recording through my subwoofer system? I'm no audiophile so any help would be great.
yes, wont sound great, but i've done it before...

If you have a distortion pedal, or if your recording program has amp simulators or distortions that could really help.
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1. Buy some computer hardware for guitar (guitar rig, stealth peda, etc.)
2. Get some good software (acmebargig.com has great stuff for any styles)
3. Hook the hardware to your subwoofer system, and use your computer to change effects, you'll need a DAW like Reaper, Adobe Audition, or something else of that kind.

Hope I was any helpful

The hardware costs 100-200 $ i think.
Acmebargig.com 's software is free.
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