if you had a chance to form your dream band who would be in it?

mine would be:
brandon boyd - vocalist
john mayer - guitar
flea - bass
Longineu Parsons - drums

their music would be alternative blues funk pop rock. that would be interesting
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Matthew Bellamy - Guitar, Vocals, Keys
Christopher Wolstenholme - Bass
Dominic Howard - Drums

They would play progressive modern rock, fueled by energetic live performances.


S t a i r s s r i a t S


brandon boyd - vocalist
john mayer - guitar/vocals
pino palladino - bass
Dude from Rush - drums
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brandon boyd - vocalist
john mayer - guitar/vocals
pino palladino - bass
Dude from Rush - drums

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Vocals - Layne Staley
Guitar - Dave Gilmour
Guitar - Izzy Stradlin
Bass - Flea
Drums - Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg
Piano - Franz Liszt
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Morgan Freeman-vocals
Chuck Norris-drums
Tony Iommi-guitar
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