Well, since I am obviously completely unable to make choices on my own (oh, and I'm bored at work), I figured I would come to my UG buddies to ask about my next pedal buy.

I was on vacation and came home to find a $900 paycheck waiting for me. Score. Plus, I'm selling a mandolin today or tomorrow, and that should fetch around $1500+. So, now I can buy some cool stuff.

Oh, and if it's important, I play shoegaze, post-rock, stoner rock, and dancey electronic music. I play a Jazzmaster through a Sunn tube amp.

Which would you buy? For what reasons?

Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster:

Made by Devi Ever, apparently this is one fantastic fuzz. I've never played one, but demos seem to show it as very versatile.

Dwarfcraft Shiva:

Never played one, just like all these pedals, but Aen's demos seem to show it as being a phenomenally gargantuan sounding fuzz. Plus, the starve knob is intriguing.

Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper Trem:

I would have so much fun with this. Basically a trem pedal with variable settings. I play a lot of dancey music in addition to post-rock, shoegaze, etc, and I think this could really add to my rig.

Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverberator:

My Boss RV-3 isn't doing it for me. I was going to wait for the EHX Cathedral, but this one keeps popping up as an amazing reverb.

TC Electronics Nova Reverb:

The Nova Delay is impressive, and this one seems more versatile than the Reverberator. Opinions?

DMB Lunar Echo:

I only have one analog delay at the moment, a Boss DM-2 which sounds amazing but isn't particularly versatile. Been hearing lots about this guy, plus the extra settings and price add a lot to it.

Sorry for the long post, just looking for some opinions! Thanks so much guys.
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I'd go for the DMB. Delay is love.
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My favorite pedal is my Sovtek Big Muff. I think that Fuzz is one of the collest effects. The sovtek is actually a Distortion/Sustianer, but I love the sound it has.

On your list the Reverberator would be a great buy. I hear great things about the Spring Chicken as well, if you into that natural spring sound.

Reverb, Delay, Looping, all great pedal ideas!
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Thanks Jonny, I appreciate your input. I've owned the Big Muff, and while it's a great pedal, it's a bit too dark and scooped for me.

Spring chicken sounds awesome, but not versatile enough I use massive amounts of reverb at times, so the Chicken wouldn't cut it. Sad but true.

Thanks man!

Any other opinions? I guess it comes down to whether I want new musical possibilties (Goatkeeper) or new tonal possibilities (fuzzes, reverb, etc).

Raven, when does this mini reverberator come out!? I'm interested!
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I'd go for the Devi Ever Dream Mangler instead of the TBD, but if you don't like the dream mangler, then go for the Dwarfcraft Shiva. For Reverb, go for the Dr. Scientist, and the DMB Lunar Echo is really awesome sounding. I'm not huge on tremolo pedals, so I can't offer any opinions on that.
Thanks RG, I appreciate it! The Dream Mangler, while epically awesome, would have no use in my rig. I'm definitely leaning on the Shiva at this point.

Trading the Boss DM-2 tomorrow, so it looks like I'll need to get the DMB first. I need analog delay haha.
why do you keep trading all these old pedals!?

Out of curiosity, what kind of music are you playing nowadays? Isn't it a lot of stonery/sludgy stuff?
I trade old pedals cause my ADD ass can't stay interested in them!

It's a great deal too. Trading it for a Diaz Tremodillo and Analogman TS-9/808 mod.

I've been playing/writing a lot of stoner rock right now since I'm doing this long-distant project with a friend. My solo stuff has been the usual post-rock and shoegaze (more shoegaze) but I've just started working on a new EP that's very electronic and dance oriented. If you've heard the song "Coleurs" by M83, my latest music sounds a lot like that.
I recommend trying boss's fuzz pedal (FZ-5) since versatility seems to be kind of a big deal to you. Its got a kind of vintage "Hendrix-like" fuzz with a lot of bass, a kind of midrange boosted old school punk sound, and a kind of weird one that I think as a little bit of an octaver on it. The only thing is its kind of finicky and you really have to spend some time playing with it to find your sound.