Hi, just wondering what everyone thinks is the best lasting and sounding strings. I've been using Ernie Ball regulars and they seem to get warped and dull within a few days. Any suggestions? Also i play a lot of blues and alt rock stuff.
I think ernie ball has some titanium strings that are supposed to last a long time.
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Any coated string will last you a good while.
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If you like the EB regulars, I would highly suggest getting the titanium coated ones. They last a lot longer than the regulars, and they sound roughly the same. They also don 't get dull as fast. I've had mine on my strat for 3 months now, and they still sound broken in, but not dull.
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I personally use DR strings, usually the Tite Fits. I have played many sets of DR strings and they usually last a while (for me) compared to Markley, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, etc. The Hi-Beams have been my choice of string on bass for years, and the guitar version is amazing as well. A little brighter than the Tite Fits, but some people prefer that.

However, you may also want to look in to Snake Oil strings. A little pricey, but they sound phenomenal and last quite a while. I can't be bothered to order strings every time I want a new set, but the set I did play (the rock set) lasted months and sounded amazing. Very harmonic and musical, with great feel (almost coated smoothness without the gross coating).

Dunlop and yes i have tried rotosound and ernie ball and nothing compares. Dirt cheap too.
Go with the Elixirs. They are wonderful strings that last me 6 months, they are very strong and durable. The coating lasts forever no matter how much you play. It's worth it to pay $10.00 for 6 months worth of play.
dunlop strings are the best sounding and longest lasting in my opinion, better then dadderio and dunlop combined! and ive tried em all trust me
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The GHS David Gilmour Boomers are pretty excellent for the price, so are DR Tite Fits.
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Elixirs tend to be the general consensus for the sweaty crowd who destroy strings in a matter of hours

I use D'Addarios and enjoy them

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IMO, most of them are about the same.

EDIT: I meant they all last the same amount of time (roughly), some sound very different though.

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