At the moment, I play a Fender FMT HH Custom Telecaster.

I am really interested in the Jackson DK2M. As my 18th Bday just went by.

So yeah as title is it an upgrade or downgrade or nograde? by nograde I mean its not much of the both.

Umm yeah.


Also how long will the Jackson LFR last me with heavy use? I mean how long till the locking nut gets worn off?

the jackson tremolos are some of the best LFRs apparently. which is why i bought an RR3
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The jackson FR will last forever, like the above user said, they make the best LFR's out there. I'd get that Jackson, i think the neck feels amazing, but thts just me, I think my RR3 is just one very comfy guitar and it sounds awesome too!
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Meh, I guess I'd say it's a nograde in termsof quality. They're completely different guitars though, so it is hard to compare them. I'd say do it
id keep the tele
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Most important of all: try the guitar before buying it, you will...bad things about jacksons im hearing
^Not about the Dinky series man, great value for money w/ good pickups + good trems. JS is a different kettle of fish.
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Fender -> Jackson?


What an ignorant statement.

It's a nograde but a huge gain. You have two guitars that you can keep for seperate styles. If you only play one style, then you can keep one in an alternate tuning. Happy belated NGD.
That's IMO better, but it's probably a bit better quality-wise, too.
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Buy the Jackson, keep the Tele?

I think they are similar in terms of quality... but You wolnd't buy a jackson for what styles you'd normally play with a Tele... so I'm guessing you like quite a few genres of music?
It's not an upgrade or a downgrade. It's a step to the side. They're quite different as guitars, which is good if you play many styles of music, as you can cover more areas with two different instruments.

And yes, the floyd is good. That alone makes it different to the Tele, and therefore worth the purchase.