Hey guys,
I'm trying to dial in a carvin x100b through an avatar cab. I want a good tone for playing progressive/experimental rock. What i want is kind of a warm tone that can be ballsy but i can still get good high notes for ascensions, tapping, etc...Some of my influences are the fall of troy (I really love thomas' tone), coheed and cambria, red museum, protest the hero, etc etc...I have an alright tone now, but this head has equalizer sliders on it and I'm pretty lost as to what i should do with them. Also if it helps i'm using an Ibanez tubescreamer ts9. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

the current setting look like this

lead drive-5.5

the equalizer settings are like this right now...

75- about +9
150- 0
500- about -9
1.5k- 0
3k- +18