Hey if anyone knows where I can get a poster with the same image as the print on that shirt that would be great.

And for a more productive thread, post any posters you have in your room.

EDIT: I've obviously googled it and have searched for a good 30 mins thats why I decided to ask the pit. I'm sure that somebody in the pit knows of a website.
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So you want a Wu-Tang Clan poster? If only there was such a place one could search for things like this....Oh Wait!
I have Led Zep, Sex Pistols, a photocopy of the inside sleeve of Paranoid, a total guitar guitar hero card for Jimi Hendrix and Page, a picture of Kurt Cobain, picture of No Age, a picture of deerhunter (see avatar), a small picture of a beige Jaguar, and a newspaper clipping of a cow with it's head in a washing machine.

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Is it not?

On topic:
I have no posters in my room ,because i don't know where to get cool posters.
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Turkeyburger's list of posters
The Beatles
Rolling Stones
Guitar scales
Led Zeppelin
Buddy Guy x4 plus a photograph
Autographed Kris Lager photo
Mato Nanji photo
Derek Trucks photo
Black Keys concert poster
BB King
North Mississippi Allstars
Big Sugar
Jimmy Page/Robert Plant
Kurt Cobain
Ashley Hartman (bikini poster)
Jimi Hendrix
Brooke Burke (bikini poster)
end of list
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I have Master of Puppets and Jimi Hendrix Live at Woodstock. Have no idea though.
I have Iron Maiden, a bunch of motocross posters, Rancid, Metallica, and a poster sized drawing of Eddie
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