What's the difference between Palm Muting and Dampening?And how do they each look in TAB?
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Palm muting is muting the note just enough so that it's "dampened", but just enough so that the note still rings out, giving a low, chunky sound. Dampaning, assuming we're thinking of the same thing, is just completely muting the note, but the string still makes a percussive sound when you hit it.
I was thinking he meant dampening as in muting the other strings you are not playing. In that case, that doesn't appear in the sheet music - it's assumed. Instead, when you are not supposed to dampen the other strings, it will let you know. For example, with "let ring" followed by a dotted line letting you know how long to let the other notes ring for. When you are bending, and need to play another note(s) on top of the bend w/o ending the bent note, it will say "hold bend" followed by the same dotted line. Or in some cases, it will show the undampened note as a tied note.