ive been thinking about the bugera 6260 for a long time now
I heard pf reliability issues how bad is it?
will it be too loud for bedroom practice?
can the wattage be cut like in the blackheart hothead & orange tiny terror?

anything else i should know?

would a peavey classic 30 with bad monkey do metal?

Edit 2:

and what about a peavey XXX?
until i have an idea NO SIG!
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some old zoom muli effect

yes im a lefty
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Bad enough that I wouldn't buy one personally but the newer ones I hear are already 'fixed'.
Yes, they are very loud. You can hear it with the volume off.
Can't cut wattage with a switch if that is what you are asking.
You can get some thrash metal on a Classic 30 with an OD pedal but it is not a metal amp.
I like the Triple X idea better or a Bugera 333x - which is a clone of the Triple.


PS: I've actually not played a Classic 30 but MatrixClaw got some convincing 'tallica tones with one.

Edit: Your location may dictate what is available too obviously. Were you planning on buying on the internet. What is your budget in US dollars and what kind of music do you play?