Poll: What Velcro side do you glue on to the PEDALS ?
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View poll results: What Velcro side do you glue on to the PEDALS ?
Hook side
8 80%
Loop side (soft)
2 20%
Voters: 10.
Hey UG,

I was wondering how do you go about attaching Velcro to pedals ? Do you glue on the hook side to the pedal or the soft loop side ?
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I really don't see it making any difference either way. But I put the female(loops) on the board, and the male (hooks) on the pedal.

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I've got the self-adhesive stuff, seems to stick sturdily enough - By that I mean, its a pain to try and peel off if I sell a pedal.

The soft bits go on the board and the prickly stuff on the pedals with me.
I put the "hook" side on mine because it will stick to the fabric cover on my pedalboard. I have no need for the "loop" side.
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I'd say put the soft on the pedal so it doesnt stick to carpet when not on the board.
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I have the hook side on my board and the soft side on my pedals, just in case I have to put them on a table or something. Prevents scratches.
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