Hey All, ugh, I don't really request but this one I need. Deluhi is a Japanese Rock band more known as Visual Kei (Very good band). Only one song of theirs is up on this site. Hybrid Truth.

I am requesting this tab on behalf of a lot of people from other communities due to its underground popularity.

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-j7gNqKUVo

Its not that fast, its just that there is no TAB for this song, (Solo's Amazing) and I'm not that good nor am I efficient with writing tab or using Guitar Pro, if so I would not be requesting.

Thanks in advance! It should be too hard, a lot of parts are repetitive and the chorus is easy.

An accurate FULL TAB would be perfect for everyone. Please, I never ask for much.

It can be a Power tab or Guitar Pro tab, either is good.
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