we have a computer to record on and logic.

basically i am a little lost on what type ov mics and amps and other gadgets i will need to make recording more efficient, and also make it sound 'pro'

amps we are using.
Deluxe reverb
and possibly an Orange rockerverb 50 cabeza.
marshall 1960a cab.
Hot Plate

this is where i could use suggestions.
i don't know anything about mics, mainly because i never use them. What would be a good mic to use for recording amp/vox. also what all do we need to record drums?

also what other misc. things would we need (cables, headphones etc.)

if anyone can help suggest things that would be awesome.
or just general tips with Logic Pro

for reference sake this is what our band sounds like www.myspace.com/fightinghaysi we need our recordings to be on this level or beyond.