i would be playing alot of country and jazz
maybe some rock and blues

just wats best for each company
...Telecaster isn't a brand first off. Second off that's both vague and both can do all of them well.

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Upgrade you amp, and buy an MIM Telecaster. Then swap out the pups to a fender custom shop set!
I'd say Gretsch 5122. Double cut-away and walnut stain. Plus the neck is comfortable and pretty thin, you have the Bigsby to play with, the upper frets are easy to get to for those jazz improv solos that go way up high, very flexible (I managed some hard rock tones out of it and twangy rockabilly tones), it's light... and on top it all off.

It's classy. And a Gretsch. Grestch guitars are amazing for the small price you pay.
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i like the gretsch better!!!
also is the walnut so u could make sure the wood is good ? idk just wondering

its less then the tele+pups combo wich is always good!!!!!!!!!!