Does anyone have any leads as to how i can find out how to be endorsed by companies? What about the requirements? Is there a catch?

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Theres a video on youtube by Rob Chappers about this. You need to have a large , widespread fan base, you need to send the brand you want to be endorsed by demo cd's.

Gimme a sec while i grab you the video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBOFbTYNQcE here you go.

Remember, being endorsed hardly ever means free gear, but maybe discounts.
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Have a dedicated fanbase
Have good demo CD's
Perform live regularly
Be of the skill level and genre that appeals to the company

just to name a few
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Some general guidlines... Be a established band, Fans and play about 300 shows a year...

There pretty strict but there are some out there that do it with ease.


GN: How did the Randall endorsement come about and what gear are you currently using from them?

MS:No big secret. I sent a letter to Randall with a bio and some different projects I’ve worked on. They took a listen, checked my credentials and the rest is history. Doug (Reynolds) and Dave (Karon) have always been there to help. That’s the only endorsement I’ve gone after, for I was so impressed with the amp. I should probably go after a string deal… Hey Mr. Markley…

From the faq on schecters homepage -

Q: How do I get an endorsment?

A: Mail in a Promo Kit including press, images, and music on CD or DVD.
Please DO NOT send email submissions. Thank you.
Mail to:
Schecter Guitar Research
Attn: AR
1840 Valpreda St.
Burbank, CA 91504
If you want a sponsorship, contact a small company and buy a ****load of their gear (like a ful band's worth of roadcases). Tell them that you'll promote them when you tour and on your myspace. They'll usually take some money off and promote you on their website as well.

My friend's old band did this with Kent Custom Cases. Everyone in the band pitched in for road cases for all their gear, and they saved like 20% or something.


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You need to be famous .... and have a large fan base .

but you could get sponsor by a music store .. that would be easier ... that might mean some free gear but mostly discount on some stuff .

its a hard business , company nowadays almost doesnt pay salary , they offer free stuff example for skateboarding /snowboarding . its hard to make a living out of it only by the sponsor . they gonna supply the gear , but forget about the 50 k a year . unless your triple gold medal winner at the olympic .

of course the biggest name like tiger woods win 40 millions with nike ... but thats a one in a millions .

so be famous ... and the might supply the gear but pay a salary ... i doubt it .
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