Awesme band they do a little bit of screamo in some songs but not much. One of their newest albums is LIFE IS NOT A WAITING ROOM with allota awesome songson it:
Fireworks at Dawn (kinda a slow song)
Lungs Like Gallow (a little bit of screamo) (this song has an awesome solo)
Garden State
Family Tradition
Wolves At The Door (awesome solo)

I could go on but I don't fell Like typing much
but an older album is:
All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
Can't Be Saved
Calling All Cars
Lost And Found
Still Searching
There's already a thread on them in the pop punk & emo thread.

I don't see why everybody hates on Life Is Not a Waiting Room. I think its one of the best albums they've done yet.
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Its not about the Radio its about talent, the front man has a bigger vocal range than Micheal Jackson and he can sing from heavey metal to high pitched ...No.12 on the top 20 under rated guitarists of ALL TIME...etc

1-Bloodavian 0-Forkman.