So I got a ****ty problem. Here's the story:

When I was in 6th grade, let's say I lost a bet with a friend so I had to go ask this girl to be my girlfriend.
So she unfortunately said "yes".
And we were happy for a while (8 months) and had a good time… until she had to leave school for 2 years. (Great stuff)

So it was 7th, 8th and, damn, 9th grade she comes back and she has another boyfriend.
But she saw me after two long years and probably thought, "Fu*k, I used to like this guy. I think I still like him…hmm, oh no! I DO like him."
And I no longer like her.

Any ideas on what to do? SAVE ME, PIT.
And I don't want to be her boyfriend again.

First photo: Ex-girlfiriend (left)
Second photo: Beautiful girl (right)
Just tell her how you feel... really its not a big deal.
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