so, my dad picked up a MIM strat, I like it, its on the better side of the MIMs I've played. Theres been a little neglect to the neck, its not bent or anything, but its got a couple nicks and dents. Luckily none of them have been noticable when playing, so its no biggy to me. It doesn't have the b string on it, leaving that as is couple cause the neck to bend right? Should i leave it untill i buy a new set of strings tomorrow or detune the guitar on the higher strings to level the tension, or detune it all? Also, since the string is missing, I wont have to do anything with the trem to get it normal, right? I'm new to strats, its a step up from my epi LP.
just leave it alone untill you get new strings. the trem is not a floyd you wont have to do anything to it unless its raised off the body intonation is off or you dont like the action.
pics or it's a DeVries Custom.
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1 day isn`t going to make a difference, and you won`t know how the trem is sitting until you get all 6 strings on it, even then it`s not a big job to set right there`s literally 100s of threads on how to level the trem...wait until tommorow then searchbar the threads on trem levelling.