Evening Pit

I'm off to see The Final Destination tomorrow, and I was wondering, from those of you who have seen it,

Is it entirely in 3D? Or is it mostly normal film, and then we have like flashing 3D glasses come up on screen, saying "PUT ON YOUR 3D GLASSES NOW!"?

Ive heard it's probably not going to be very good, but Ive seen all the others, so I may as well see this one too.
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i saw the 2d one today

it sucked

but my cinema doesn't do 3d

its quite funny though

yea its all 3D, quite good 3D too,

and to be fair i did enjoy the film,

Short, sweet and easy to watch
the whole movie probably isn't in 3d. you'll probably keep the glasses on the whole time though. personally, i liked the first one but i think they dragged the series on too long after that
It's all in 3D.

But it's not a very good film. Worst of the four. Predictable to the last detail.
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There's absolutely no story whatsoever, (or I just didn't pay much attention.)

It's all about the 3D, dude.