I've just routed out the pocket for my neck (bolt on) but unfortunatly because i was being a prat the router slipped at the end of cutting the body. The whole pocket is fine except for a small spot at the top which is too low (by about 2mm).

I was wondering if I could use a very high quality wood filler to repair this or would that not work

Thanks, this is my first build so im not too sure what im doing
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I don't think you would have too much of a problem if you filled it in. As long as the spot isn't that big.
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hmmm, mabe or ur screwed

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ncik guitar: That really shouldn't be an issue, but fill it with some wood filler and you're good to go!

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cut a peice of wood that can be glued in/over. I just hate filler :p
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cut a peice of wood that can be glued in/over. I just hate filler :p

That would have been my suggestion but I fear it would be awfully difficult to cut the proper sized 2mm thick piece of wood...
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Thanks for all the replies.

The only other option thought of was to re-route the neck pocket to the deeper depth and then plane off 2mm from the rest of the body. However if filler doesnt affect the sound too much I think I'd rather do that.

Thanks everyone
You could plane off 2mm of the rest of the body, but that would be for more effort than putting some filler on there, it it's only 2mm then i can't see it making much difference to anything to be honest.
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I wouldnt plane it, just pop in some wood filler, sand it level with the neck pocket, and when its all assembled and finished, you'd never know you had this problem
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Hi, I wouldnt use wood filler. I would mix some of the fine wood dust if you want to call it that with some good wood glue and mix it to paste. Once hard you sand and then use the wood filler for any pinholes .