I am currently doing my grade 5 classical guitar and was thinking of taking my electric guitar grades, does anybody know what type of stuff you have to play for your grade 1 ?
Its very easy compared to the classical grades for example there was a johnny be goode style tune for grade 5.
Grade 1 is simple open chords and short easy melodies. Grade 8 isn't too hard, Maximum speed of semiquavers at 145bpm, pretty standard jazz chords which aren't too hard on your hands and time sigs like 7/4 and 15/16, however once you learn the song they are easy to 'get the feel of'.

Tbh the rockschool syllabus is easy compared to other exam boards, yet even the people who play the songs for the book can't play them well.
grade 1 AMEB contempory had things liek autumn leaves, a tommy emanuel song.. and some other. cbf finding the book atm.

in total though. There are just 4 grades.

In the exam they also ask you a lot of theory questions. you also need to memorise a heap of scales to their standards (some fo them have ot shift up 5 frets halfway thourgh etc.)

i reccomend just looking through the exam books at your local music store.
AMEB standard is pretty high when you get up to grade 3 + 4 (4 being the last grade)
i have a student who passed his grade 5 classical with trinity this year, he learning around grade 3 -4 rgt electric stuff now quite confidently .
rockschool it would be about the same , the main difference with rockschool and classical exams is in rockschool you have to play a cd for the exam so you have to have the piece up to performance speed , with classical exams you can find a speed which suits you .
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with classical exams you can find a speed which suits you .

Hmmm..... around here, you need to be at least in the ballpark. Like, if the piece called for a quarter note at 105 and you played it at 98, then you're probably okay. If you played it noticeably slow, like say 75, it would not be acceptable.

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