I just picked up a 1994 Epiphone Hummingbird. Got it super cheap but the high e tuner is bent. It works fine but the rest are also a bit old looking so I'm thinking I want to go with a set of Grovers or something. I like chrome better anyway. Can anyone tell me if I will have to drill new holes or if someone makes a replacement set that will fit right in? Click the thumbnail to see if you want!

Those are pretty standard tuners used on many Gibson and Epiphone instruments. You can get factory originals at GC, Musiciansfriend or from Gibson. For Grovers or other aftermarket styles go to Stewart Macdonald. You may need to fill in the original holes and redrill new ones for the small screws that hold the tuners in place on the backside of the headstock if you go with a different style than original.