I've been looking around for a cab that goes good with the peavey 6505+ head and I'm not really sure to whether just stick with the 6505 cab or go with a mesa rectifier cab, it seems like most bands go with the Mesa. Can anyone clear up why for me? What's it better for and how? Or is it just that the 6505 cab isn't that great to begin with? I'm playing mostly metal (As blood runs black, august burns red, winds of plague)
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the speakers in the 6505 cab are borderline terrible. i'd take the mesa since it's probably got v30s in it.
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everyone moans about the 6505 cab i havent played with one,

Marshall cabs are good too ,

1960AV's and 1960BV's are ace for metal
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Im using a kustom quad jr stack, and am going to buy a 6505+ head in the near future and hook it up to my kustom quad.

would i still get the same quality metal tone the 6505 offers if i run it through my kustim cab? or should i look for an additional cab?
Mesa fo sho
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Mesa It's oversized and has V30's. Peavey stock speakers are horrible.
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