Hey guys I have a strange request. I need 5 bucks because I went 4 something over in my bank account(they are closed at this hour) and I don't want to get charged a ton of money because I went a few dollars over. I promise I wont screw you over. I have awesome feedback on JEMsite and eBay.
If you have a few dollars to spare I'd appreciate it a ton and Ill send you 7$ by Friday.
Anyways PM me and Ill give you my paypal.

Also, it would need to be an instant transfer obviously. Not an eCheck. Those take days to clear.
Man, I would totally help you out if I had money in my paypal, I can only send an E-Check. I hope someone helps ya man, I've been in that situation before because I bought something from ebay that was advertised as 5.99 shipping when I went to pay it was bumped up to 7.99 which sucked because I had exactly enough, then days later I get charged 40 bucsk from paypal because it tried to take funds out of my band that I didn't have. Good Luck man.

Wait I got .65 Cents USD you can have lol. I'll send that over to ya.
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man, I hope someone helps ya, i cant really help ya much. My paypal is empty
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