I am buying both an Acoustic-Electric and an Electric. This would be my second guitar, and I learned from the first guitar that you get what you paid for so cheap does not always mean good.

IN that matter, I am on a real tight budget. My max is 400 dollars (lol) so together with the accessories I can go 400 therefore the guitars themselves have to cost 300-370 together.

I was deciding on:




And yes, it is a Rogue, but I heard some people say they are good.

So in your opinion is it a good enough guitar? I've played for 2 years and I don't need pro. quality stuff, just average sound with durability.

Are these good or do you have suggestions?

Btw I was also looking at the Acoustic's and I saw this:

and this


Would these be better than the two previous?
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yea, youre not going to be happy with either instruments. Would be better if you spend the $400 on something you actually like and not just settling on.
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Why not dump the full $400 into just one guitar?

I really want an acoustic too. And I saw the Acoustic-Electric the same price as the Acoustic and I really wanted an Acoustic-Electric anyways.

Edit: Plus, it's not 400 its 300-370 cause I need an amp and accessories too.

Btw I remembered, does anyone have suggestions for good priced amps?
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dont go for the epiphone electric. Its better than the GIO ibanez but thats because they both are terrible. The epiphone acoustic however, is an okay buy. However, as I said before, you will regret splitting the money between two guitars. If you must, look on the used market (craigslist, kijiji)
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So how about the Ibanez I showed + the Ephiphone Acoustic. Good combo?
Ok dude, I need you to take what you read here to heart and believe its true because it really is.

You WILL NOT get a good electric, acoustic, or acoustic-electric guitar for $400 combined. MAYBE if you go used, but not new. Like you said, you get what you pay for. Electrics start getting worth it at $350-400. Acoustics are worth the money at $300. Acoustic-Electrics are worth it at $400-500.

Honestly, don't go and get those guitars. Decide which one you want more and dump the $400 into that.
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