Hey guys.

If you are a fan of pop-punk along the lines of Say Anything, Taking back Sunday, and Brand New. Check out my band.

Please leave comments and criticisms and tell us what we can do in order to better ourselves
Haha no worries, easy mistake =P
First song; Catchy, fast, upbeat, deffo a good one for gigs, Recording quality isn't amazing, vocals are a tad low in the mix, harmonies are good as are guitars, it's a good song, like the clean breakdown (y)
Second song; same as the first in regards to quality, I assume the rest are the same, Vocals a bit too low, he sounds like a good singer! Let him rip! catchy, like the use of clean and distortion to bring the song up and down again
Third song; Actually better mixed then the rest!
Fourth song; vocals better level, love the note vocalist hits 0.40 in, chorus is good, heavy and catchy, maybe some lead lines on guitar would be good over chorus? Solo's good nice use of octaves, only thing, has been done quite a lot, very paramoresque, try more varied techniques of soloing to add flavour?

Overall good effort, you guys clearly enjoy what you do, keep making music and I wish you luck (=

p.s. check out my band, www.myspace.com/sidewaysfallingmusic